Bellingham Real Estate Infographic March 2018

Dated: 04/14/2018

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Michael Eisenberg

Michael was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Mathematics. His first job out of college was as an engineer tracking satellites. His last career before....

  • Posted by Lori Lakshas
    Greetings Mr. Eisenberg, Thank you for responding to my message regarding the property located at 10500 Mt. Baker Hwy, Unit 601. In answer to your question, I will be meeting with my finance person in the afternoon of December 5th. I wasn't expecting to purchase a home this year. You happened to show up on my email listings, so I took a look out of curiosity -- very nice place, indeed. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions: (1) Because I had not intended to purchase a home this year, I have not secured a loan. I did note, however, that your ad states, "seller financing." Since the seller desires to hold the contract, could you email me the terms of such a contract/loan? -- minimum down payment, mortgage interest rate, and all other information regarding financing? I would like to be advised before considering purchase, or viewing. (I live in Seattle and it's quite a trek to this area.) If needed, my email address is (2) After taking a second look at the stats, the condominium is a tad smaller than I had originally thought. As such, I was wondering if additional storage space is available for this unit -- other than the storage space inside the unit? (3) Is this an end unit? The picture seems to indicate that it is. (4) Does this unit have a view of the river? (The older, on-site building is charming and the running dog is a nice touch.) (5) Are there any groomed hiking/walking trails leading right from the condo area? -- as in not having to drive anywhere to take a decent nature walk? I have a dog and we like to walk all the time. (By "groomed" I mean I would not be required to chop my way through the forest, Chopping makes for a tough hike.) (6) Is there a cross-country ski trail/area right there at the condo area? -- without having to drive to the Mt. Baker ski area? (7) How far away is the closest grocery store? Thank you very much, Lori

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